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Non- Ferrous Scrap Metals that we Recycle

How do I sell my scrap metal Aluminum, Brass, Car parts and Compressors for recycling

Empire Metals has a competitive non-ferrous scrap metal recycling program. We are a leader in the scrap metal recycling companies in Calgary and offer a variety of non ferrious scrap metal that we can recycle for you. This is includes:

How and where do I recycle scrap metal Aluminum, Brass, Car parts, and Compressors?

Feel free to drop by our NE Calgary scrap metal recycling location at 1236 38th Ave NE, Unit #3, Calgary, Alberta or call to arrange a pick up service of your scrap metal.

If you have any questions on these non-ferrous metals or to see if we accept any other scrap metal materials for recycling, please call us at 403-618-4288.