Catalytic converter recycling

Catalytic converters were installed in cars in 1975 and onwards to help control air pollution and air quality concerns. Catalytic converters reduce toxic emissions from the internal combustion of engines. Modern day cars, trucks, and industrial machinery are all equipped with catalytic converters.Source

When the environmental air pollution initiative grew, it in turn created an industry for recycling used catalytic converter parts.

How do I sell my catalytic converter?

Empire Metals, a leader in the recycling used diesel catalytic converter parts in Calgary, wants to ensure that you have the knowledge you need to feel comfortable when purchasing, selling, and grading catalytic converters for recycling purposes. Catalytic converters are able to be recycled for the precious metals platinum and palladium. Empire Metals is a scrap metal buyer in Calgary.

We believe in honest grading and giving our customers the best catalytic converters prices we can for your scrap metal.

How and where to recycle my used catalytic converter?

There are many different grades of used catalytic converters and Empire Metals will take the time to discuss these grades with you.

Do you recycle a diesel DPF catalytic converter?

Yes, we recycle diesel DPF catalytic converters. Diesel particulate filter recycling is used in the exhaust system of diesel engines and helps to filter emmissions. Contact us if you have catalytic converter recycling questions.

Feel free to drop by our NE Calgary scrap recycling location at 1236 38th Ave NE, Unit #3, Calgary, Alberta with any size volume of catalytic converters, we will be happy to grade them for you on the spot and recycle it in a responsible manner at fair prices.

Call us today in Calgary at 403-618-4288 for more information on your converter or to arrange a pick up for recycling. We look forward to hearing from you.