Have an old vehicle you’ve been meaning to get rid of? Looking to make some extra cash? Why Catalytic Converter Recycling in Calgary Is Just Plain Smart


Catalytic Converter Recycling in Calgary AB

Learn Why Catalytic Converter Recycling in Calgary Is Just Plain Smart

Have an old vehicle you’ve been meaning to get rid of? Looking to make some extra cash? Well, you might want to hang on to your clunker a little longer before you send it off to the scrapyard—you could be sitting on a gold mine. Believe it or not, there are a host of precious metals in catalytic converters that can fetch you a pretty decent penny, making them perfect contenders for recycling.

What exactly is a Catalytic Converter?

A catalytic converter is a tiny device located in your car’s exhaust system. Its job is to convert potentially harmful gasses that are produced by the vehicle into less dangerous ones. Valuable metals inside the catalytic converter, like platinum and palladium, help to transform carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and water. Catalytic converters also contain a wide variety of other important metals, including nickel, copper, cerium, iron, and manganese.

Catalytic converters have a fairly good lifespan, so it’s rare that you will have to replace them. But if your car is backfiring, burning though more fuel than normal, or flashing the dreaded “check engine,” you might have a faulty catalytic converter. If you do have to replace it, don’t toss it out. You could be throwing out your ticket to help pay for a new converter.

The Benefits of Recycling Your Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converter recycling is not only going to put money in your pocket, but also helps protect Mother Earth. Mining can be an exhaustive process, putting a huge strain on the environment. The amount of energy needed for the catalytic converter recycling process pales in comparison to mining and extracting new metals. Recycling catalytic converters will help reduce the amount of mining in the future, which will ultimately save valuable resources and minimize our carbon footprint.

How to Recycle a Catalytic Converter

Even if you are handy with tools and know your way around cars, it’s probably not a good idea to try to remove the precious metals from a catalytic converter yourself. Extracting platinum and palladium is no easy task—not to mention a dangerous one. When it comes to pulling out all that valuable metal, you’re better off leaving it to the experts. If you are looking to recycle your catalytic converter, your best bet is to take it to a scrap metal recycling company. You get top dollar for your material, without having to lift a finger.

Don’t take your catalytic converters to just anyone. We are a reliable scrap metal recycling company in Calgary, offering the highest market value price for all your metal. So remember, if you had a catalytic converter replaced on your vehicle or a scrap one lying around—think Empire Metals.

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For all your needs in catalytic converter recycling Calgary, contact us today!

Feel free to drop by our NE Calgary scrap recycling location at 1236 38th Ave NE, Unit #3, Calgary with any size volume of catalytic converters that you have. We will grade them for you on the spot and recycle it in a responsible manner at a market fair price to you.

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